We ensure thorough consideration of all options and achieving best result with least investment from the customer.

Columba Industries provide one stop service of new product development, manufacturing, which allows our customers to focus on innovations and bringing new product ideas to the market. We understand the complexity and main challenges in in both product design and manufacturing areas.

All our engineers are cross trained in both design and manufacturing. With our expertise, knowledge, and experiences, we implement the principle of design for manufacturing to the full, so that product cost is taken out of the design before products are made.  Besides, we also make continuous improvement to keep the direct manufacturing cost to the minimum.

An example of our recommendation to customer

On Material Selection for a patented product invention

  • plastic Injection Molding

    with 25lb force applied to lid and rack over long period of time, plastics material will crack and is not recommended

  • Sheet Metal Forming

    Major design changes of the lids and welding process are needed; feel and look thinner, less premium, looks more fragile; not recommended

  • Stainless Steel Forging & Machining

    Better cost than machining from SS blocks; quoted

  • Aluminum Machining (quoted)

  • Aluminum Forging & Machining (Quoted & recommended)

An example of our recommendation to customer

On Manufacturing Process for a patented product invention.

  • Stainless Steel Forging & Machining (Forging & CNC Tool $6500; $11.47 EA)

    Processes: Forging SS316L – Milling Flat Surface – Milling Inner Surface – Deburring – Milling 4 Sides – Deburring – Cleaning – Polishing – Vacuum Plating Inspection

  • Aluminum Machining (CNC tool: $3000; $3.77 EA)

    Processes: Purchased Shaped AL 6063 – Milling Inner Surface & 4 sides – Milling Flat Surface – Deburring – Drilling – Deburring – Milling Side Holes – Deburring – Cleaning – Polishing  – Sand Blasting – Anodizing – Inspection

  • Aluminum Forging & Machining (forging Tool: $4200; $2.20 EA)

    Processes: forging – CNC Machining – Sand Lasting – Anodizing – Inspection

  • Costs are for either Lid A or B based on 50K MOQ

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